Tuesday, 31 January 2017


I came across this game purely by chance, an article in one of the wargame magazines. I liked the freewheeling nature of the game so dug a bit deeper. I found the Book of Faces group, which is hilarious and informative, often simultaneously. I bought the rule book and found it easy to read and exciting. The freewheelingness was confirmed: no 'thou shalt use only the approved miniatures and rules of holy writ' but instead plenty of 'use the rules as a basis for FUN!!!'.

Next up was assembling figures for the game. You need wizard(s); the game revolves around magic and a number of schools of magic. I won't go into too much detail suffice to say some schools get on, some don't and spells get slung about like bullets. Add on soldiers of various types and a selection of monsters and, well, you get the picture: it's a dangerous but, potentially, lucrative place.

My first wizard is a female Sigilist (words as weapons, fierce language use, death quills, you get the idea) and her, also female, Apprentice. I also had some figures lying in boxes from various wargames shows and long dormant projects. They're all either in service or soon will be.

The game is set in a vaguely medieval/fantasy period and you are actively encouraged to use whatever vaguely medieval/fantasy figures you possess. It's also cold.

Anyways it's pictures of figures you want not me droning on. Eh, voila!

Sigilist & Apprentice 

Thug, Barbarian & Archer

Northmen - Filling Many Soldier Roles
Thug, Man-at-Arms, Thief 

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Baseless & Without Foundation

Don't worry this isn't a rant. I simply became tired of dealing with moulded-on bases on my figures. They are a nuisance when it comes to styling the larger base they finally get stuck on: standing on a little mound in the worst instance. With this mind I took my sidecutters and snipped them off. The job does generate a fair pile of scrap metal. Enough for another figure maybe? ☺

Some of the figures can stand up on their own but I prefer to drill into their feet. Insert and secure a pin in each foot using super glue. The number of times I've glued my fingers together is ridiculous!

I then match up the pins with a suitable Base; drill a couple of holes then superglue the figure in place.

It does make the production process a little longer but I think the results are completely worth it.

6 figures de-based & 
ready for foot drilling

Feet drilled and pinned

Here they are mounted
on round flagstone bases

As you can probably see a couple of the figures are not ramrod straight. I think this is a good thing because to my eye it suggests movement. The Viking in particular seems to be really getting into a good swing with the axe he will eventually have. 

The figures themselves are bound for the icy hell of treasure, fighting and magic that is Frostgrave. 


Saturday, 28 January 2017

I'm Back

Hello! After a considerable break from blogging I regained my mojo and tried to log onto thedancingcaketin.blogspot.co.uk but was unable to.

After some time being messed around by "help" I cut my losses and started up this one, Mk2 as it were. No idea why I couldn't sign into Mk1, none at all.

Anyways here I am with, I hope, slightly more frequent nonsense about the toys I buy, paint and game with.

Deep breath.........here goes!